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Venez regarder les matchs de la coupe du monde à La Tocante !
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Du 1er au 30 Juin 2018 Les Burgers de la Tocante
Le Hamburger Alsacien, salade et crudités 17.90 € Steak haché et tranches de lard grillées, Munster, entre deux ga...
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The old building used to be a coaching inn and is original. Eve Jung bought the old barn in 1990 and the building was entirely restored. The result is the typical Alsatian restaurant that you can see today.

In 2000, she sold it and in 2014, the association “Les Restaurants Alsaciens” took it over.  

People say that Napoleon Bonaparte used to find accommodation in this house with his entourage and his horses when he went on a journey. Napoleon took up quarters in the big building located just next to it. Later, the complex was separated in two properties.

The name “La Tocante” means “clock” in Old French. The restaurant was called so because the old clock of the Primary School of Robertsau is decorating the wall of it.

The 14th of April in 1992, La Tocante opened officially.